​No1.   BOOK

The Lifestylist.

I wrote my first book.


As a fashion stylist, I have been doing various work for over 10 years.

I have learned various things from many experiences so far.


In 2011 when I was 29 years old,

I projected my own small organic cafe called "ORGANIC TABLE BY LAPAZ".

After that, I decided to style not only fashion but also space and food as a lifestylist.


It was not an intentionally advanced road, but becoming a "lifestylist" would be my true calling.

What I care most is the style 'way of life' in all styling like clothing, eating and living.


I feel that a permanent style, a bit far from the latest fashion is a real beauty because I was in a trendy fashion industry with a swift speed.

Even if you can get trend information from the media, but hardly meet the information that conveys the essential style.


This is the reason why I decided to write this book.

This book contains what I truly cherish my feelings in all 192 pages.


I would be appreciated you open my book in your free time or if you feel get lost your way.

"THE LIFESTYLIST" lays the groundwork what will inspire and attract to you as a long-life partner.

I think that everyone has their own philosophy of their way of living for each person. 


When opening this book there is the part that you sympathize with yourself. 

And by feeling a different part comes alive again,

I am happy if it becomes a little opportunity to make your own "lifestyle".


This is my dialogue in every phrase.


Thank you.



ORGANIC TABLE BY LAPAZ』という小さなオーガニックカフェを作ったことをきっかけに、ライフスタイリストとして、”ファッション”だけでなく"空間"や、"食"のスタイリングをすることになりました。




そんな、長いお付き合いができるような書籍が『THE LIFESTYLIST』だと思っています。