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Creative Director / Lifestylist

Yukari Ota

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2004 Started activities as a fashion stylist centered on fashion magazines

2009 Started a career as a lifestylist

2010 Established SLEEPINGTOKYO

2011 Opened "ORGANIC TABLE BY LAPAZ" Owner and Produced 

2014 Established SUNENO TOKYO, a food creative office

2016 published first book “LIFESTYLIST" 

         Started Lifestyle Medium "LIFESTYLIST"



Overall styling of <lifestyle> that fashion, FOOD, and living space. Through activities as a creative director and stylist for companies and brands

I’m  proposing a sustainable and beautiful future lifestyle.


Director of Sleeping Tokyo Co., Ltd.


Our future to come is

To be more beautiful and peaceful than today.

In-house contents

Craftsmanship Lifestyle Brand / Director

Organic Tbale By LAPAZ

Organic and Plants Base Cafe  / Owner,Producer



SEED and GRAIN brand / Director


Rental Space and Studio

FireShot Capture 071 - SLEEPINGTOKYO - タテノジダイ ヒトノカノウセイ -

​Creative Agency and Production / Founder


Thank you

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