Fashion Stylist / Creative Director / Lifestylist

Yukari Ota

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My activities started as a fashion stylist with a focus on fashion magazines.

Later, she established a new job called "Lifestylist" that proposes not only fashion but food, clothing, and living, it means Lifestyle.

Currently, I am proposing durable and prosperous future lifestyle through creative activities such as a creative director of advertisement and making a video, consulting of company/brand, etc.


2006 independent and went out on my own business        

2009 started a management office "SLEEPING TOKYO" with my partners

2011 Started organic shop "ORGANIC TABLE BY LAPAZ" projecting my own lifestyle

2016 Published my own book, "Lifestylist"

Acting as "Lifestylist" to stylish everything, clothing, eating / living, Lifestyle. 

Lifestyle Projects

Craftsmanship Lifestyle Brand / Director

Organic Tbale By LAPAZ

Organic and Plants Base Cafe  / Owner,Producer



SEED and GRAIN brand / Director

Rental Space and Studio / Interior Coordinator   

​Creative Agency and Production / Founder


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